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Composite Decking

Composite decking is the number one most requested form of decking these days, and it's no surprise with the list of benefits over other materials.

Alfresco Areas

An alfresco is an outdoor space built under the main roof of the house. Most new builds have an alfresco as part of their footprint. Decking these areas really improves the look rather than leaving it as a concrete slab!

Pine Decking

A popular 'budget' decking option, however in reality it just doesn't work out that much cheaper in the short term, and certainly not in the long term. We no longer offer pine decks as an option.


A patio is similar to an alfresco area, however, the roof above it is separate to the main roof of the house; eg a pergola.

Patios are traditionally floored with tiles or pavers, but we think a deck looks so much better!

Hardwood Decking

Hardwood decking has been wildly popular for many decades; however, we do not offer this as one of our services. Click below to find out why!


When a deck is raised up from the ground, it needs a handrail to be safe - especially if you have children around!

We offer an affordable and attractive balustrade option with our decks.

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