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Please see our Instagram page for more examples of colours and decks in all different angles and lighting. 


Greystone Wyoming.jpeg


Backbeach Umina.jpeg

Riverbank Red

Dark Brown

Dark Brown Kellyville.jpeg

Alpine Ash

Alpine Ash Gosford.JPG

Estate Brown

Red Rock

Red Rock North Rocks.jpeg


Leatherwood Avoca.jpeg



Kavanagh Carpentry offers one type of balustrading, this ensures we are able to source the materials in a short time frame, and build it quickly since it is our specialty.

Our balustrading consists of black 'pool fence' style panels between treated pine posts. We cap the top of the handrail with Ekodeck boards to match the colour decking you have chosen to lay.

You can customise your posts by painting or staining them to any colour you like, some of our clients like to leave them as is; others stain them to match their decking they had installed, and a few painted them black, white or grey. Please note: this is not something we do for you - Scott is a master carpenter but is definitely not a professional painter.

See pictures below for an example of how our balustrading looks - please note, this was a pine deck (which we no longer build), it looks even better alongside an Ekodeck!

See our Instagram page for more photo examples of our balustrades (@kavanaghcarpentry_).



We can build a few types of stairs to go with your new deck.

For a general set of stairs, we use 'steel stringers' which gives a floating look to the stairs - giving a much neater and high-end finish. We then top each stair tread with Ekodeck boards so that they match your new deck.

See below for some examples.


Another option we offer is building some 'steps'. This involves building a treated pine box for each step, and installing Ekodeck on the front, top and sides. This would be done in cases where something under or behind the step needs to be covered (e.g. plumbing pipes, ugly concreting etc), or if the client wanted steps that were not a standard size (e.g. a series of platforms leading up a hill, or one single step leading from a deck up into the house).

See below for some examples of this.

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