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What is a Composite Deck?

Composite decking is a man-made timber alternative. It is a heavier, stronger and longer lasting product than traditional hardwood timber decking, while often still looking very similar in appearance.

Benefits of Composite Decking?

Composite decking in reality is the better option for a whole range of reasons;

Maintenance Free

Gone are the days of 6-monthly deck oiling and staining. With a composite wood deck, there is absolutely no maintenance. It is also naturally anti-slip, unlike conventional decking which is prone to fungal or other slippery growth. The way it looks on the day that it is laid, is how it will look for decades to come. For this reason, composite decking is by far the most cost effective option in the long term - even when compared with a budget option such as pine decking.

Long Lasting

Composite decking lasts the test of time - and is the main reason it stands out from traditional timber decking.

It is termite-proof, and will never splinter, rot, fade, cup, twist or warp. Even long term exposure to the harsh Australian sun isn't a concern for composite decking.

Composite timber decking is perfectly straight every single time, there are no imperfections as in regular timber; this means the build goes more smoothly, and there is less chance for things to start going wrong over time - this makes it easier to warrant the job for a long period!

Quick to Lay

A traditional hardwood deck is extremely time-consuming and cumbersome to lay. Composite decking is laid with concealed fixings, they are screwed into a treated pine frame, meaning it is significantly quicker to install. This reduces the cost of labour when installing your new deck!

Cost Effective

There is a huge misconception that composite decks are significantly more expensive than hardwood decks. This just isn't true.

Yes, the decking boards themselves are more expensive to buy than hardwood decking boards. However, the labour involved is significantly less, and the time taken is also less. This means the money saved on labour makes up for the higher cost of materials. In addition, the continued maintenance of a traditional hardwood deck means that it ends up costing a client quite a bit more than a composite deck over a number of years!

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