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Balustrades / Handrails

Balustrades on a raised deck are important for safety reasons, but also can make an outdoor space look more neat and 'finished'.

There are regulations that balustrades need to comply with, we always ensure to meet these standards while still creating a beautiful finish.

There are two styles of balustrade that we offer;

1/ Black Powder-Coated Aluminium

This consists of an entirely black structure - great for blending into surroundings; the eye naturally looks past it.

The structure will have 90mmx90mm black posts with a 'pool style' fencing inbetween each post. We can cap the top of the handrail with black aluminium or deck boards to match the deck - this is up to the customer to choose which look they prefer.

2/ Timber Posts with Black Panels

This consists of the same 'pool style' fencing in between each post, however, 90mmx90mm timber posts are used. We often recommend this style for a pine deck as it ties it all together nicely. You can stain the posts to match your deck.

The top rail of the panels will be timber for this option.

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