Pine Decking

Pine decking is the most affordable option when it comes to decking.


Pine decking is far less cost prohibitive than all other deck types.

Being a softwood, it does not need to be 'pre-drilled' before fixing to the frame, it is lighter to transport on site, and cheaper to source materials.

Pine decking can be laid very quickly and is far less labour intensive.

It can be painted or stained to any desired colour, and has a great impact to an outdoor space.

It is important to note that as pine is a softwood, it is more susceptible to damage from outdoor furniture or high heels. It also requires ongoing maintenance; it will need re-staining over time, and does not have the longevity of other decking materials.

If you are wanting to add a deck for the cheapest price possible, this is the best option for you. We often build pine decks for rental properties, or to prepare a home for sale as it can add impact without the hefty price tag.